Holds Queue Reordering Process Changes

At last week’s users group meeting, we discussed testing a different way that libraries are picked for the holds queue. Currently, this is done through a manually maintained library list, set by NExpress staff based on lending and borrowing (ILL) statistics in NExpress; however reordering the holds queue this way has resulted in far too much volatility at many libraries in holds and courier numbers.

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Outcomes from February 5 NExpress Meeting

Last week’s NExpress meeting included several discussion topics, and decisions made for how to handle lost items, as well as testing a different way the holds queue list is generated (please read to the bottom for this coming change!). Robin posted the notes from the meeting here.

Here’s the key things you need to be aware of that will be changing, some sooner rather than later:

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NExpress Users Meeting – Feb 2015

Laura’s announcements- Jazz in the Park Feb 21; Evernote, summer reading, directors institute.
Deadlines- statistics Feb 11, accreditation and application. Remote attendees.
Dan- change in offices, check out the new arrangment.

Introductions- name & library.

1. System update- how is system doing? Basehor reported inconsistent problems. Indexing can cause this, reindexing. Need evidence to go to Bywater. Z39.50 search is slow. Can turn one target off to speed up.
We will get upgrade this spring, April or later. Will test.
Will take another go at upgrading our server. Feb 21

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