August 27 NExpress Meeting Resources


Here’s the information from yesterday’s NExpress users group meeting. Thanks for attending in person or remotely; if you weren’t able to attend the meeting in-person or online, please feel free to read through the notes and/or watch the recording of the meeting.

One immediate change has been put into place after the meeting: all lost/missing/withdrawn/damaged items are hidden in the OPAC. They can still be seen on the staff side and are reportable, but patrons will no longer see these items.

North American Koha Users Group Meeting, 2015

Robin and Heather are attending the North American Koha Users Group Meeting in Erie, PA, this week. Heather is posting a little bit to Twitter (others may join in through out the week) and blogging sessions. Here’s the posts so far — check back throughout the week, for updates and post additions.

Wednesday Sessions

Thursday Sessions

June NExpress Update

Good morning! I wanted to update you all on several things that are in progress with NExpress:
  1. Heather on vacation
    I will be on vacation, beginning Friday, June 19 and will be back in the office on June 29. I will have intermittent email access during this time. Please make sure to send all NExpress support requests to Any cataloging requests/questions will need to wait until I’m back in the office.
  2. Support Requests
    We are transitioning to using a ticketing system for NExpress support, to better manage support requests and answer questions/requests in a more timely fashion. When you first send an request to now, you will get an automatic response back, creating a ticket. Libraries that use NEKLS for tech support inquiries, KLOW management, and more, may already be familiar with this system, ZenDesk. This process will allow us to serve you better. Moving to the ZenDesk platform will also open the door to easily build an online help/FAQ area. Stay tuned for more information later this summer.
  3. Developments update
    The automatically marking items lost and deleting lost/missing/withdrawn items script developments are in progress, but I still don’t have an ETA on their completion and setup on our system. I will let you all know as soon as I know more.
  4. Cataloging Launchpads
    The Launchpad records should be in the Kansas Main Catalog and searchable as of this morning (Friday); Kansas Main is the Kansas Library Catalog z-target in NExpress. Please see these instructions for how to catalog these devices in NExpress, for getting the records & adding the items, to meet the State Library’s needs and for NExpress. The Launchpad Tablet item type is now set up to allow only local library’s holds, as these have to stay at your library until requested through ShareIt. The circulation rule, by default will be for 7 days, no fines, 2 renewals allowed. Please let us know if you want this changed. 6/19 comment: the NExpress team is working to get these circulation and hold rules set up for each library; this should be completed by 6/22-6/23.
  5. NoveList Select Subscription live July 1
    NEKLS has subscribed to the NoveList Select added content product; this will display added content in the public side of the catalog, including complete series information, something I know many of you have asked for; it will also provide recommended books and authors based on searches. There will also be a way for some of the State Library’s databases to be integrated into the public catalog search results. Stay tuned for more information on both opportunities to help patrons find what they’re looking for, and even for collection development. Here are some helpful links until the service goes live: