Lansing Training

This is a training post for Lansing Community Library’s joining of NExpress in September 2014, but the training materials should work for any NExpress library — and potentially any Koha library. (Agenda link)

Welcome to NExpress

Welcome, Introduction and ‘What is NExpress?’

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Lansing and NExpress Patron Cards

Lansing is starting to give their patrons NExpress cards, if they don’t have one already, and scanning the new NExpress card numbers into their old Follett system in advance of next month’s migration into NExpress on September 8.

If a patron comes into your library with a NExpress card and that person is not in the system, ask if s/he got the card at Lansing. If the card came from Lansing, PLEASE DO NOT put that cardnumber into NExpress (if you put it in NExpress, it will cause migration issues!). Instead, issue a different card to the patron and the duplicate accounts will be reconciled after the migration.

Hopefully this won’t come up much in the next several weeks, but I wanted to alert everyone just in case.

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Patron Category changes coming Tuesday morning

We are finally ready to move forward with the patron category cleanup project.

**Monday night, please be out of the system promptly by 9pm**

These changes will be made Monday night after 9pm. Joy at ByWater will make the necessary database changes to compress our 160+ patron categories into about 30 categories for all borrowers; circulation and overdue rules will be updated where needed. I will also be updating reports next week that have used specific patron categories, to make sure they continue to work and measure as expected.

This change was first discussed back in January, and testing and other priorities delayed patron categoriesthe implementation onto our live system. Tuesday morning, you will see these changes in place on our live system.

When you create a new patron account or edit a patron’s account the drop down list will be much shorter. A few library-specific categories remain for now.

For most libraries, you will probably use the Adult or Child category for almost all patrons; if you track patrons outside your city, township, or district boundaries, you will probably use the Other Child or Other Adult category.

You can see these changes on our test system; use your normal Koha login information.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

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