Unknown patron holds issue

There is an ongoing (small) problem with the way a few unknown patrons are placing holds on the public side of the system. These holds are occasionally being placed in such a way that the system doesn’t register the borrower who placed the hold (there’s only been about 20 of these holds since August — out of the regular 10,000 active holds).

In testing, I’ve been unable to recreate this behavior, and ByWater has been unable to track down the issue, except to determine it is coming from the public side of the system.

If you hear complaints from a patron that s/he placed several holds in the system, but the holds aren’t coming in for that patron, we would be very interested in visiting with that person, to see how they are placing holds, and hopefully uncover the root of this problem.

Also, when a library triggers the hold without a borrower, you will see this type of message:

Null Holds Example

I am deleting all of these “Null” holds this morning, to prevent any further confusion.

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How to sign up for Hoopla – a walkthrough

Add a Hoopla Widget to your site by creating a text widget in WordPress and placing this code in it: <a href=”https://www.hoopladigital.com”><img src=”http://nekls.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/10/hoopla_widget.jpeg”></a>

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Upgrade to Koha 3.16

We are upgrading to Koha 3.16.4 Saturday night after 5 pm. Please make sure you are out of Koha after that time, and stay out of the system until the all clear is given via an email sometime Sunday morning.

Our system was successfully upgraded to Koha 3.16.4 Saturday night. Please make sure you read the below information to learn about new features and known issues. If you run into problems, remember to report them! {updated 10/12/14}

**CRITICAL**: Please make sure you clear your cache on Sunday and Monday when you use Koha the first time after the upgrade. If you report odd behavior after the upgrade, we will be asking you to clear your cache, as that can resolve many problems after an upgrade. These instructions walk you through this process.

What are some of the major changes? Check back on this post regularly — we’ll be updating the list as needed.

New Features

  • Checkout is supposed to be much faster with the major development NEKLS co-sponsored, especially on accounts with lots of items checked out/checking out.
    • Screen Shot 2014-10-12 at 5.22.31 PMBe aware, the first time you sign into NExpress each day, you must check the box Always show checkouts immediately. If you don’t want to have to always click the Show checkouts button on each patron account. This setting will be remembered until you close out of Firefox.
  • Items marked lost, from this point forward (not retroactive), will now store that date in the database and on the item page. This information will be reportable.
  • Private lists can be shared
  • Librarians can make purchase suggestions for patrons from a patron account, and see those suggestions.
  • The total number of renewals available and remaining will now display on a patron’s checkout screen.
  • Patrons can now suspend or resume holds requests from the OPAC.
  • Much more to come!

Known Issues

  • (Resolved 10/12/14) Patrons with any fines (even just 10 cents) couldn’t check out initially on Sunday. This turned out to be a staff account permission issue, and has been fixed.
  • (Resolved 10/12/14) Some libraries couldn’t connect to Envisionware after the upgrade. This turned out to be a staff account permission issue, and has been fixed.
  • (Reported 10/12/14, Resolved 10/15/14) Holds awaiting pickup list on patron’s accounts only lists one hold awaiting pickup, even if the patron has more. You must click on the Holds tab to see all holds awaiting pickup. I believe most libraries put all of a patron’s holds together on your holds awaiting pickup shelf, so hopefully this won’t be too big of an issue, while this problem is worked on.
  • (Reported 10/12/14) Previous checkouts are displaying in reverse due date order by default (Example: items with October 31 due date display first, then items with October 20 due date come next, then items with October 10 due date are below that)
  • (Reported 10/12/14) Previous checkouts due date column isn’t sortable. All other columns are, including the “Checked out on” column.

The more technical release notes are available here:

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