NExpress May 2015 meeting recording

The recordings (there are two, one before and one after the break) for the May NExpress meeting are posted on Vimeo for you all to enjoy!

Part 1

May NExpress Meeting 1 from Northeast Kansas Library System on Vimeo.

Part 2

May Nexpress Meeting 2 from Northeast Kansas Library System on Vimeo.

May 7 NExpress Users Group Meeting Agenda

The next NExpress Users Group meeting is Thursday, May 7, at 10am at the NEKLS office. An online meeting option will be available to participants; connection information will be sent out early next week.


  • System and Developments Update
  • NExpress Policy Committee Report
  • Mail Merge lesson {tentative}
  • Results of Holds Queue Experiment
  • Strategic Planning for NExpress (thinking to the future)
  • Checklists for NExpress
  • Walk Through Monthly Reports {see below}
  • Other discussion as needed


  • I’ll be sending out an email tomorrow or Monday with the April NExpress statistical reports. Please print out or bring a digital copy of the spreadsheets and the email to the meeting. We’ll be going over those. Bonus points if you also run the Circulation by Item Type/Location or Circulation by Collection Code/Location reports mentioned in the report.
3.18 Upgrade Changes and Issues

3.18 Upgrade Changes and Issues

The NExpress system is being upgraded to Koha 3.18.4 this weekend. Below are selected highlights of new features/fixes in the upgrade that you might be interested in. ByWater Solutions (our support vendor) also has put together an upgrade information page, including training videos, if you’re interested. If you catalog at all PLEASE make sure you take a look at that section of changes. There’s a couple of major changes to the z39.50 search window and a couple of helpful changes when you’re editing/adding an item.

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