NEKLS Tablet Grant

Are you a NExpress library? Would you like a brand-new Android tablet for use for staff and patron training on e-content (like Hoopla and Flipster)? If the answer to any of those questions is “yes”, head on over to and find out what you need to do to get your free tablet from NEKLS!

Additional tablets can be ordered at this time, but you will be charged around $130 for each additional one you need. You also agree to do some basic things (marketing, reporting on stats over the course of 6 months, etc.) in return for this tablet, but you also get some training with it, so we feel it’s a net win for you! Contact Robin at if you have any questions!

NExpress May 2015 meeting recording

The recordings (there are two, one before and one after the break) for the May NExpress meeting are posted on Vimeo for you all to enjoy!

Part 1

May NExpress Meeting 1 from Northeast Kansas Library System on Vimeo.

Part 2

May Nexpress Meeting 2 from Northeast Kansas Library System on Vimeo.

NExpress Users Meeting – Feb 2015

Laura’s announcements- Jazz in the Park Feb 21; Evernote, summer reading, directors institute.
Deadlines- statistics Feb 11, accreditation and application. Remote attendees.
Dan- change in offices, check out the new arrangment.

Introductions- name & library.

1. System update- how is system doing? Basehor reported inconsistent problems. Indexing can cause this, reindexing. Need evidence to go to Bywater. Z39.50 search is slow. Can turn one target off to speed up.
We will get upgrade this spring, April or later. Will test.
Will take another go at upgrading our server. Feb 21

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