Installing Offline Circulation

Here are instructions on how to install and use the Koha Offline Circulation module. You will want to complete these steps PRIOR to any offline circulation, because if you are having to circ offline, it probably means that your internet access is down and you won’t be able to get the necessary files.

Installing the Offline Circulation Client

  1. Grab a copy of the offline circ client. Download it to your Desktop: Koha Offline Circulation Client. Double click the file to unzip it. You will end up with a folder called “client” on your desktop.
  2. Open the “client” folder and right click on koc.phpw and select Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut).Rename the shortcut to “Offline Circulation”
  3. (A step about downloading the mysqlite patron data, TBD)
  4. Install PHP/GTK2: Download and install Gnope ( ). The defaults for the installation are all that is necessary, just click through the wizard.
    1. Note for IT staff: PHP/GTK2 requires that the Windows user you wish to have access to the offline circulation be the user that installs Gnope, and that user must have *temporary* administrative rights to do so. We recommend the following procedure: Make the user a member of the administrators group temporarily, log in as that user, install Gnope, run the offline circulation module, log off, revoke administrator access, log in as the user you just installed the software as, then test again. Our testing indicates that once the offline circ module has run once as an administrator, it will run with regular user rights. YMMV.
  5. Run It! Double-click “Offline Circulation” shortcut on your desktop.

Using the Offline Circulation Module

  1. Double-click “Offline Circulation” shortcut on your desktop.
  2. The client will open, and ask you if you would “like to create a new circulation file or open an existing file.” We recommend using one file per day that you are using the Offline Circulation.
    1. The first time in the day you are using the offline circ, you will create a new file. Give it a file name of <date>circulation.koc. Example: 11-14circulation.koc. You will want to save this on your Desktop.
    2. Subsequent times in the same day, you will open the file you created. This will simplify uploading the data when the system comes back online (or your internet access comes back up).
  3. You will now see the Offline Circulation module.
    1. To Issue an item: scan the patron’s barcode and click Accept Card.
    2. Scan the item’s barcode and click “Add Item.” You can scan as many items as necessary for each patron.
    3. Click “Complete this Issue” to complete the transaction.
    4. We DO NOT RECOMMEND using this utility for checking in items. You might miss a held item to be transferred.

    Please note: The offline circ does NOT print receipts.

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