May 27 Updates

May 27 Updates

Tonight after close, LibLime will update our Catalog with MANY bug fixes and patches, but with relatively few “new features.”

Patron Messaging Preferences:

We paid for an enhancement that allows e-mail messaging preferences to be set at the time a new patron card is created.  Every new patron will have a default setting of ON for the Holds Notification e-mail option, but the rest are up to each individual library.   We will be setting these defaults manually after the update, tomorrow.

Saved SQL Reports can be EDITED!

We mentioned in passing to Chris Cormack that we would LOVE it if we could edit our saved reports.  He said that would be an easy fix and MADE IT SO at the Developers weekend after KohaCon 09 in Plano, TX!  Here is the result:

Partial fix Bug 2655Items Waiting on Hold Shelf Display as “Available” in OPAC

In the Intial Search Results – the items in green are still incorrectly identified as “Available.”

When you click into the Detail, however, a new ‘ON HOLD’ status appears.

Bug 1877 – When a Patron makes a Suggestion for Purchase, their name is now a hyperlink to their library account!  Liz will make the Notes column magically reappear, as well.  No worries.

Bug 3112 – Lists that are emailed from the OPAC look better than they used to – give it a test.  Links back to the catalog are included.  Owen Leonard wrote many of these OPAC-related tweaks and we are grateful for that!

Bug 3033 – Changed wording in OPAC regarding Holds from “Item waiting to be pulled” to “Pending.”

Bug 3093 – Enhanced ability to place holds in the Staff Client – now it works JUST like in the OPAC!  Note the fancy new check boxes and Place Hold and Add to List buttons???  Howard County library sponsored this update!


A Notes Search in the OPAC or Staff Client *should* now search the 952 $z  Public Notes field (items.itemnotes) – See this patch says so…  If it is not working properly, we will ask to have our index fixed so that it does.  Feel free to use this field when creating an Item Record to note donations and such.

As always, please be aware of any strange behaviors exhibited by the OPAC or catalog directly after this update and report those (with screenshots) to the NExpresshelp hotline.

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