NExpress Training for 2011

This weekend, we will welcome Library District #1, Doniphan County into the NExpress Shared Catalog and in December, Burlingame Community Library will join as our 39th library!  In preparation for their entry, we are updating our online agenda.

Welcome to NExpress

Welcome, Introduction and ‘What is NExpress?’

The Public Catalog Tour

Part I – An Introduction to the NExpress Patron Catalog (.pdf)

Part II – About Your Account (.pdf w/ older illustrations)

Part III – Explore Additional Patron Training Tutorial Videos

Notes and Discussion

Questions and Answers so far…

Staff Client Tour

Part 1 – Checking items in:

Part 2 – Checking items out:

Part 3 – Issuing new cards and editing patron records:

Part 4 – Managing Holds

Part 5 – Searching

  • Overview of the keyword and advanced search features of the Staff Client
  • Keyword searching hints –
    • add “donitroy” or “doniwath” or “wathena” to improve results
    • Look for and use UNIQUE terms.  Is the author’s last name unusual, like “Evanovich”? Is there a term like “playaway” that will improve results?
    • As in Google, use a combination of keywords from the title, series and author name, including dates
    • Keyword searching looks at All fields of All attached items, even mis-cataloged ones
  • Advanced searching hints
    • Non-keyword searches are EXACT, so spelling counts but you get faster results
    • Look for unique or unusual subject headings to help narrow your search – “cookery for two”
    • Koha can’t find what is NOT in the record.  If a series title isn’t in the record, no amount of searching will find the book.
  • Use specialized external sites to find ISBNs and other unique identifiers AND correct spelling:

Part 6 – Placing  a Hold:

Workflows, Troubleshooting and Questions

Welcome and enjoy access to 850,000 items, including books, movies, videogames, audiobooks and cake pans.

Advanced Training and Homework Posts:

  • Training Materials from September 2010 and May 2010
  • Managing Suggestions for Purchase – overview video 9/10
    • Must be logged in as TECH or DIRECTOR
    • Step-by-step instructions post, with a video from Royce Kitts, formerly at Tonganoxie Public Library
    • Patrons are alerted the next time they log into their account of your decision
    • Currently 225 Pending Suggestions!!!
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